AIS Products: AIS Class A, Class B, SART, AtoN, Tester

  • Em-trak AIS Class B B100
  • Em-trak AIS Class A A100
  • Em-trak AIS Class A A200
  • Em-trak AIS Class B B400

The supply of AIS Products: AIS Class A, Class B, SART, AtoN, Tester and more has been our main business since 2004. Combined with our expert service and support, we will assist you choosing the best possible AIS solution for your needs. AIS products include Class A (SOLAS), Class B, Base and Repeater Stations, Search and Rescue (SAR) including AIS-Sart and Aids to Navigation (AtoN).

AIS was originally developed as a collision avoidance aid, enabling SOLAS vessels to ‘see’ each other more clearly in all weather conditions. Thereby improving the helmsman’s information about his surrounding environment.

Today AIS is use globally within VTS’ (Vessel Traffic Service) and commercial AIS vessel tracking systems. Both AIS terrestrial and satellite services are utilised. Accurate positional information is now available. This provision providing of more accurate arrival and departure times enhances the scheduling of vessel movements.

AIS is the affordable upgrade for any vessel that more than pays for itself in added safety and peace of mind. AIS works with your chartplotter, computer, mobile device or dedicated display so you can “see” AIS-transmitting vessels. An AIS Transponder enables you to receive and transmit so you can “see” and also be “seen” by AIS-equipped vessels.

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