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How to prevent maritime border collision for fisheries – A design of Real-Time Automatic Identification System

Authors – Krishnan Saravanan Selva Aswini Raghvendra Kumar Le Hoang Son
Methodology Article First Online: 05 November 2018


Maritime Border Collision is one of the vital concerns in coastal states since the maritime boundaries of any two countries cannot be identified easily during fishing.

Maritime domain awareness and the border line control are the essential requirement which happens via recognition, and observing of boats inside their country boundary.

It is necessary to identify the maritime border and alert the fisherman during the fishing.

In this paper, we propose an Automatic Identification System (AIS) which can protect fishermen by notifying the country’s border.

If they are nearing towards the International Maritime Border Line (IMBL), an alert will be sent to coast guards via VHF set.

Using the inbuilt GPS, AIS can find the location and transmits to the embedded systems, which gathers the recent position by comparing autonomy and longitudinal values with the existing assessment.

The proposed system is validated under a case study in the maritime border between India and Sri Lanka, which is identified as Gulf of Mannar.

It has been revealed that fishermen can aware that they are about to near the nautical border by means of visual and audio alert. Then, protectors in the coast preserve support and afford supplementary assist to those fishermen.

This system also provides collision avoidance by using AIS/ ultrasonic sensors.

It has better performance than the relevant methods such as RF (Charan et al. 2016), ECDIS (Vanparia and Ghodasara, International Journal of Computer Applications & Information Technology, 1:58–64, 2014), Android (Kumar et al. 2016), GSM and GPS (Sivagnanam et al., International Journal of Innovative Research in Advanced Engineering (IJIRAE), 2:124–132, 2015).

Keywords – Automatic Identification System Embedded system VHF set MMSI Coast guard station Fisheries GPS

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