AIS AtoN Fishing Buoy-Tracker


The AIS AtoN Fishing Buoy-Tracker enables you to electronically mark any type of fishing buoy. It is internationally certified, IPx68 waterproof and can operate continuously over 120 hours been charges. Encryption mode is available, should you require that only your fleet receive the Buoy-trackers AIS AtoN message 21.

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AIS AtoN Fishing Buoy-Tracker

PRODUCT CODE:  ET-418-0067

The AIS AtoN Fishing Buoy-Tracker enables you to electronically mark any type of fishing buoy.

The Buoy-Tracker uses internationally certified AIS technology to continuously transmit its exact GPS location to your navigation display, as well as warns off other shipping in the area. If encryption enabled, only your fleet will be able to decrypt the AIS AtoN message 21.

Buoy-Tracker is easy and quick to clip to any buoy type and completely waterproof (IPx68 certified). The AIS AtoN Fishing Buoy-Tracker has an internal rechargeable battery that allows it to operate continuously for over 120 hours between charges.

The AIS AtoN Fishing Buoy-Tracker is a certified AIS AtoN transceiver which is especially certified and legal for use on buoys. Its tough high quality construction makes it ideal for long term continuous use in even the harshest conditions.

Convenient, easy to use, low cost, certified and with a range of accessories to make things even easier, Buoy-Tracker will enable you to reliably locate and protect your fishing buoys using your existing AIS and navigation displays in all weathers all year round.


  • Internationally certified AIS AtoN Type 1.
  • Encryption function available.
  • Internal rechargeable battery.
  • 120 hours continuous operation.
  • IPx68 water and weather proof.
  • High quality, durable construction.
  • Quick-fix bracket system – INCLUDED.
  • Charging dock – INCLUDED.

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