NMEA USB Data Logger


The NMEA USB Data Logger is a simple, easy to use data logger that records NMEA0183 and (optionally) Raymarine Seatalk data to a USB stick. Typical applications are logging of vessel movements (e.g. workboats, charter boats), sailing performance, GPS data logging and electronic installation diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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NMEA USB Data Logger


The NMEA USB Data Logger is a simple, easy to use data logger that records NMEA0183 and (optionally) Raymarine Seatalk data to a USB stick.

SmartLog USB NMEA Data Logger.      Log NMEA and Seatalk Data to USB

Typical applications

  • Depth, weather, borehole and other environmental data logging
  • Sailing yacht performance logging
  • Logging of vessel movements (e.g. workboats, charter boats)
  • Simple “black box” recording (e.g. charter boats)
  • GNSS (e.g. GPS, Glonass, Galileo) data logging
  • Electronic installation diagnostics and troubleshooting


Ease of Use

Just plug in and go. It is ready to go as soon as it is powered up, and all incoming data is automatically logged to a USB memory stick. No configuration required, and no need to download data or mess around with data cards.

2 Channels

Data is automatically logged from two channels, e.g. a GPS for position and time data in conjunction with a depth sounder or wind instruments. Data from the two channels is multiplexed into a single output file, with no changes or additions to the incoming data.


The device sends and receives NMEA0183 data, the industry standard for many years, and still output by most newer instruments that use NMEA2000. The NMEA port operates at 4800bps, is fully opto-isolated , and will tolerate inadvertent connections to the boat’s power supply.


With the optional Seatalk adapter, one of the NMEA ports can be converted to support Raymarine’s Seatalk (sometimes referred to as Seatalk 1). The Seatalk data packets are encapsulated in a proprietary NMEA sentence rather than being converted to NMEAo0183 in the device, so all Seatalk data packets are supported. The Seatalk bus can also generally be used to power the data logger.


Data is logged to a standard USB memory stick (formatted as FAT or FAT32) – capacities up to 1TB currently available for long term recording.


Designed for boats in mind, it will run off a 12V or 24V DC supply, and tolerate voltages from 7 to 32V, as well as reverse polarity protection and an internal self-resetting fuse.

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