SECTION 1: Maritec Trust – General Terms and Conditions

  • Section 1 defines the general online sale Terms and Conditions.
  • Section 2 defines the manufacturer’s specific Terms and Conditions. Should there be any discrepancies or ambiguity between Section 1 and Section 2, Section 2 takes preference.

Shipping, Taxes and Duties

  • All prices exclude any applicable taxes (VAT,GST,etc), import duties, shipping costs, if not otherwise explicitly stated on the respective product pages.

Language Policy

  • English is the language used for all means of communication.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds will be made after checkout payment has been finalised and the product had already been shipped. Where the shipping process can be stopped in time and the factory order can be cancelled, refunds will be made, subject to the deduction of all costs incurred due to payment process commissions and bank costs. Where applicable, refunds will be made within 7 word days of “Cancel Order” notification by the buyer. The buyer must send a “Cancel Order” notification to store@maritec.co.za.
  • Product “Return Policy” is addressed in Section 2 below.

Currency Policy

  • Payments will be made in the currency stated by the respective manufacturer’s section below. The currency conversions are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only.
em-trak ais manufacturer, class a, class b, aton, fishing buoy, transponder, receiver


Section 2: Em-trak Product Terms and Conditions


Purchase may only be made by the end user. Purchase may not be for reselling or commercial wholesaler purposes.


Please read the below important information. Our objective is to make buying and using an em-trak product easy and enjoyable.

  • You can buy directly from this web site at the prices quoted. Prices are quoted in USD. For your security we use PayPal to process your payment and accept all major credit cards. Upon completion of your order you will receive an automated email confirming your order.
  • If purchase value exceeds $400, prices include packaging, shipping and full insurance to any single location worldwide, but exclude all local import duties and taxes which you will need to pay to the courier upon delivery. A flat shipping rate will be charged for purchase values less that $400. The choice of courier used will be at the sole discretion of Em-trak.
  • Subject to stock availability, your order will be dispatched from em-tak warehouse in the UK within 5 working days. On the day your order is dispatched we will email you confirmation that your order has been dispatched along with a shipping tracking number. If there is any dispatch delay we will contact you by email. If you have any questions about your order status at anytime, email us at store@maritec.co.za
  • Normally you will receive your order within 5 – 10 working days. However, subject to customs clearance delays, delivery may take longer.
  • If you have any questions about your order status, email us at store@maritec.co.za
  • Return policy: Upon receipt of your order please check the order to ensure it is what you ordered and not damaged. If there is a problem then you must inform us within 24 hours of receipt. If we have made a mistake or the product is damaged, at our cost we will arrange for the shipment to be collected from you and the correct product delivered. Please note that we cannot accept returns after more than 24 hours have passed. All product return matters must be emailed to us at support@maritec.co.za
  • Please carefully read and follow the instructions provided with the product. These will ensure you get the best performance from your new em-trak product. However if you have any problems, please consult our online trouble shooting guide for quick and easy help. If you are still encountering problems, you can email our dedicated customer support team at support@maritec.co.za who will respond within one working day to your inquiry.


All em-trak products are provided with a comprehensive three year warranty against manufacturing and design faults. In the unlikely event of a problem, please contact our Customer Support Team at support@maritec.co.za, who will resolve the problem in the shortest possible time.


We strive to provide the finest customer support. In the unlikely event of a problem our customer support team is there to help and can be easily contacted by email. If your unit needs to be returned to us we will endeavour to minimise the time it takes and keep you informed at all times.

  • Contact our Customer Support Team on support@maritec.co.za
  • In order to make a warranty claim you will need to provide us with the model and serial number of your product, the date of purchase and a detailed description of the problem.
  • Once your warranty claim is validated we will issue an RMA number to enable the unit to be returned to us for inspection and repair.
  • Upon repair the unit will be returned to you.


Em-trak’s customer support commitment means that we are always there to support you, even if your product is out of warranty. If you have a faulty product, then in the first instance contact our customer support team at support@maritec.co.za to see if the problem can be easily resolved. If the issue cannot be resolved in the field, then you can send the unit to em-trak and for a fixed fee of $100 and em-trak will investigate the problem and provide you with an estimate for repair. Upon your approval em-trak will carry out the repair, give the unit a full service and return it along with a 3 month warranty.


  • All products have a 3 year warranty commencing from the date of your purchase of a new product.
  • The warranty is non-transferable and rests solely and exclusively with the original purchaser of the new product.
  • The warranty is invalidated if the product is damaged through misuse and or installed or operated incorrectly or damaged as a result of an external event such as a severe electrical surge such as caused by a lightning strike.
  • Em-trak’s evaluation and decision on the validity of any warranty claim is final.
  • The warranty is strictly return to em-trak for repair or replacement. In the event that the same model is not available, em-trak shall replace with a comparable model which offers the same or better functionality.